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Why Having Pets will make your Kids more Responsible

If you’re looking to allow your children to be more responsible, you should consider giving them a pet.  Pets – whether mice or horses – will equip you children with key skills related to becoming more responsible. Here are 3 main reasons why giving your children a pet could make them more responsible.

Having a Pet is like having a Job

Pet ownership is, to a large extend, a long-term job in which you need to learn time management.  If you are trying to find a way to teach your child these skills, a pet could be the right way to go.

For example, if you own a dog, you will need to give it the right amount of exercise by walking it every day. Similarly, you will need to be awake early each day to let it go outside and stretch its legs.

Owning something larger like a horse will be more of a time and financial investment, but it is an excellent way to teach your children these key skills.  For example, they may need a stable – perhaps by using a company like Broadfield Stables, and maintain it over the years to ensure it looks its best and the horse feels happy in its environment.

Do they need to Learn the Value of Money?

Along those same lines, all of the things you will need to help your pet have a happy life will cost money, so your children will soon learn how to use money efficiently if they want to have any left from their pocket money.

There are lots of hidden costs, too:

  • Injections;
  • Microchips;
  • House and garden maintenance (dogs, for example, will chew your wooden furniture when they teeth!)

All of these hidden costs add up, so make sure you and your children have the funds available from the outset.

Teach them about Life and Death

An important part of growing up and becoming more responsible is being exposed to the realities of life and death.  Pets can provide a valuable life-lesson in this arena. Even a simple goldfish will allow your kids to start thinking about the nature of life in a fundamental way.  Don’t worry though; inquisitiveness is just a part of becoming more mature.

Hopefully you can see now why giving your children a pet is a good idea if you want to teach them to be responsible.  So take them to a local pet store and see what takes their fancy.

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