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Types of Food that Your Dog Should Avoid

Just because it's your much-loved tea-time treat, it doesn't mean that you should feed it to your dog. There are certain types of food that are not only difficult to digest by dogs, but that can seriously damage their health. By ensuring that you're aware of these foods not only means that you'll be serving meals that your dog will surely love, but also make certain that you're not causing severe, or even fatal, consequences for your dog. Make sure that you provide your beloved pet food that is suitable by following these tips.
Chocolate is a favorite of humans, but is extremely dangerous to dogs and can cause symptoms ranging from sickness and diarrhea to abnormal heart activity and death. Make sure that you do not feed your dog with this sweet snack.
Corn on the cob may seem like a harmless vegetable snack for your dog, but the kernels won't be digested and may block the animal's intestine. At best you'll be faced with a big vet bill for the surgery to remove them, and at worst it will cause death.
Grapes and raisins are extremely toxic to dogs and only a small amount can cause fatal kidney and liver failure.
Yeast will react the same way in your dog's stomach that it does in dough, and this could lead to the stomach rupturing.
Vegetables from the allium family (onions, garlic, leeks and chives) all contain thiosulphate which is extremely toxic to dogs, and causes the red blood cells to burst as the dog's blood travels through the body.
It isn't just human food items that can be fatal to dogs, there are also plants and flowers that can cause serious illness, so make sure that you feed a good quality pet food to make sure your pup doesn't nibble on your flower arrangements when hunger pangs hit!

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