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Top tips for a great safe summer with your dog

Finally, after what has seemed like much more than a year of waiting, the Summer is upon us once again! However, whilst we humans are excitedly cleaning up our BBQs and shopping for shorts and sunglasses, for our canine companions Summer is often much less appealing. The long hot days can be a real drag for those with shaggy coats, and holidays can mean endless travelling in stuffy cars, however, with these simple tips Summer should be a real blast for dogs and owners alike!

Keep cool

Dogs are extremely prone to overheating, so during the hot Summer months it is essential that you are especially vigilant. Always provide them with shade if you are sitting outside, old rugs or dog beds under a tree are a great idea, and ensure that they have access to plenty of fresh water. Dog’s have a tendency to get over-excited and not know when they have had enough. For this reason be extremely careful if taking exercise in the midday sun. Do not presume they will stop playing when they have had enough. It is far safer to take any vigorous exercise in the cool of the start or end of the day.

Travelling by car

Whilst some dogs love a ride in the car, others can think of little worse! In many countries it is a legal requirement that your dog is adequately restrained when travelling by car, either in a crate or a harness. Working out how your dog feels most comfortable travelling is the key to a successful journey. For example, whilst our Borders hate being inside a crate they love a spin when buckled into their doggy seat belts! A range of doggy travel accessories, as well as dog leads, treats, toys and a whole lot more is available from Dogscorner.co.uk

If your dogs are susceptible to travel sickness then avoid any large meals prior to travelling. A small handful of their favourite snacks, however, can be a brilliant way to make the journey more enjoyable. Although it may seem overly cautious, try to prevent your dog from sticking its head out the window- this is the cause of many injuries each year.

Beware the BBQ

One aspect of Summer which dogs enjoy every bit as much as their human counterparts is the BBQ! However, you need to take a few precautions as they can be full of accidents waiting to happen for a greedy dog! Always ensure that your dog’s cannot tip the BBQ over, burning themselves and anyone else in the vicinity- you’ll be amazed at the lengths a hungry will go. Even if it’s off the BBQ beware of your dog wolfing down any hot meat which could cause them extremely painful burns to the mouth.


One of the downsides of Summer is that all the creepy crawlies come out to enjoy the sunshine. Whilst a sting can be extremely uncomfortable for humans they can be even more serious for dogs- so it pays to keep your eyes open. Never allow your dogs anywhere near any nests of which you know- their natural inquisitiveness is unlikely to go down well! If you happen to have fruit trees or compost heaps then be especially vigilant. Dogs are prone to munching on any rotting fruit which could well harbour wasps- a sting to your dog’s mouth or throat could potentially be fatal. If you suspect your dog has been stung in this area seek immediate help from your vet.

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