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Number of Fatal Dog Attacks on the Rise

We all love the idea of having a pet; they unite a family and teach children how to be responsible for another living creature. Dogs, in particular a popular choice of pet to have as they bring loyalty, love and warmth and there are so many activities that you can include your pet in. there is nothing nicer than owning a dog and enjoying all of the benefits that they bring to a home. One of the biggest reasons people own a dog is for security and safety, dogs are one way to warn off intruders and burglars and to offer some sort of protection for the family should it be needed. The idea of protection can mean that a dog’s entire temperament is changed and they are trained to be focused on warning off unwanted attention. Dogs can be increasingly hard to control particularly if they have had improper training and their bad behaviour is rewarded. This can quickly escalate into a much larger problem than anticipated.

There have been a significantly higher number of dog attacks in the last few years that have resulted in serious injuries and even fatalities. Legislations are being put in place to ensure that dangerous dogs are destroyed and that their owners are punished severely due to their responsibility over the dog and its actions.

Having a dog trained properly is not a long and taxing process, it is something that should be done particularly if the dog is a family pet. Dog training Maryland is one example of a company that transforms the behaviour of a dog and ensures that it is not a threat to the community.

The US have always had restricted laws regarding dogs. There are breeds that are banned due to their aggressive nature and tendency to attack, maul and maim innocent people. Those that are found in possession of banned animals are in breach of the law and are fined; the dog is removed and destroyed for the safety of those around it.

The UK is heightening the punishments that come with the ownership of a dog that is considered dangerous. If your dog attacks anyone, whether it is a serious injury or death, the owner could face up to 16 years in prison.

In 2012, the US saw 37 fatalities due to dog attacks compared to the 1980’s and 90’s collectively where 17 people were killed be vicious dogs or as a result of the injuries that they inflicted. In the UK 210,000 people a year are the victims of dog attacks with the number rising steadily as each year passes.

Sadly it seems to be children that are the main targets for dangerous dogs. Their size, their curious nature and easy access are all the features which leads to the death of a child from a dog, even dogs the child has been in regular contact with has turned vicious and attacked.

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