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Man’s Best Friend: Treating Your Pets

The public love animals, whether it’s exotic creatures from around the world only seen on the television in documentaries or the ones we see in zoo’s, we all stand in amazement at how majestic they are. That affection for animals goes up a notch when it comes to our own pets, with dog’s renowned for being “man’s best friend”.

A lot of people treat their pets like one of the family, giving them their own places at the table, their own place in the car and even letting them sleep in their bedrooms! Others make sure that their every needs are tended to, giving them a comfy bed, plenty of food and water and treats ranging from haircuts to dog hoodies or pedicures!

All animals love toys, chasing them around the garden or park and refusing to let them go – even when it comes to dinnertime!

Spa treatments aren’t just for people, with many pet owners taking their animals to dedicated pet spas where they can do everything for your pet from giving them a good bath with shampoo and conditioner to get their coats looking clean and shiny, to providing nail treatments to keep them looking healthy.

If treating your animal like a King or Queen is your idea of a present, but you don’t fancy sending them off to a spa; consider getting them a luxury bed to sleep in. Pet baskets are often relatively inexpensive yet uncomfortable for the animal and they might discard it and sleep elsewhere in your home where they feel they can get a better night’s sleep.

Some companies will offer designer dog beds and even memory foam mattresses to ensure that our beloved pets are able to sleep like we would want to ourselves.

Other pet owners like to ensure that their animals look stylish and dress them up in winter coats to help keep them warm during those cold winter walks. Some don’t understand why owners make their animals wear clothes, but think about it this way – how would you fancy walking around a park in the middle of winter with no coat on!

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