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How To Save Money By Making Toys And More For Your Pets

Having a pet is a wonderful experience that ensures you're never alone and never bored, and that gives you tonnes to talk about whenever you have guests. But there's bad news too - which is the unfortunate fact that pets are also very expensive and actually too expensive for many people to afford.

If you have an animal then and your bank account doesn't look quite like Richard Branson's, you may be wondering about ways you can save money. Hand one of the very best ways that often goes forgotten? Making things yourself rather than paying for them. Here we will look at how a little DIY can save you potentially a lot of money - as well as being a fun learning experience.


If you have a small dog that you walk outside then you may start to worry about them getting cold. It's common for smaller pooches to wear coats and jackets to stay warm and this can help them to stay more comfortable while at the same time keeping them safe from colds.

A great way to save money then is to make these coats yourself which is relatively easy for anyone who knows how to knit. Meanwhile this is also a great opportunity to make something unique for your pet which can be incredibly cute. You save money, your dog becomes a fashionista... everyone wins.

Bowls and Plates

If you want to get really fancy and make your own dog bowl then you can make something highly creative with a ceramics course or 3D printing. The cheapest way to get your bowls and plates though is simply to give your dog one of your older one with a large base. There's no reason your dog can't eat out of a china bowl just like you and if it gets broken - well then you didn't spend any money on it anyway...


 You might want to spend a lot of money on your dog or cat to get them a toy you think they'll really love, but the simple fact of the matter is that a dog doesn't care much whether the toy looks like another dog - as long as it's fun to bite and they can play around with it. Any old cuddly toy then will make a great toy for your pet (better yet if you buy and insert a squeaker) but so too will an old soda bottle that's been washed out - dogs love the noise it makes and they love getting the lid off too (just make sure they can't swallow it).


If you need a pen for your dog to sit in when you're out or when you just want some peace and quiet then there's no need to fork out. Rather you can make your own using any old pieces of wood and some very basic skills - just use some nails/wood glue and dismantle an old bed or wardrobe and you have something that will do the job just nicely.

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This guest post was contributed by guest blogger Chantille McDonald. She loves writing posts on topics like pets, personal finance and saving money methods. You can use a service like RSPCA Pet Insurance to ensure your pet gets a lot of love and great healthcare when the need arises.

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