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How to Find Safe and Comfortable Accomodations for Your Pet When You Leave Town

For many of us, our pets are a lot more than a furry animal that keeps us company. They are like a second member of the family. So, when we have to go out of town and we’re unable to take out cat or dog along with us, it’s important that they have safe and comfortable accommodations until we return.

If you’re preparing to leave for a few days (or couple of weeks) and you’re looking for a few tips on what you can do to make sure that your pet will be well taken care of while you are away, we have five ideas that can provide both you and your pet with some peace of mind below.

Let someone housesit. In many ways, pets can be a lot like children in the sense that they tend to gravitate towards a routine. So, if you know that you’re going to be gone for an extended amount of time (more than a week or so), you might want to ask someone to come over and housesit. That way, your pet can stay in familiar surroundings plus, as an added bonus, you’ll have someone to pick your mail and water your plants for you too.
Have a neighbor watch them. If your pet likes kids and you have some neighbors with some, consider asking them to watch your pet for you. It’s a good way to keep your pet entertained and by knowing your neighbors personally, you’ll be confident that your pet will be in good hands.

Place them in a doggie daycare. If you can’t find someone in your neighborhood to watch your pet, another popular choice is to place them in a doggie daycare. Just make sure that it comes highly-recommended, that it has cage-less options, that the cages are cleaned out on a regular basis, that there is climate control in the facilities and if at all possible, there is webcam access (so that you can monitor your pet while you’re away).

Sign up for Dog Vacay. Another option that is becoming more popular is what’s known as Dog Vacay. What this consists of is going to the DogVacay.com website, seeking out a pet sitter in your area, paying a fee and leaving your dog with the sitter. While you’re gone, they will send your pictures of your pet each day, plus they offer pet insurance, an around-the-clock concierge service and emergency support. As an added bonus, you can book your reservation online.

Put them in a bordering facility. Probably the most common solution is to put your pet in a boarding facility. Ones like My Second Home Pet Resort in Nashville provide modern accommodations for both dogs and cats, sound-controlled suits, clean bedding, an all-natural diet and plenty of room for your pet to run and play. If that sounds a lot like a hotel, you’d probably be right. Many of the newer bordering companies put forth a lot of effort to make sure that your pet is happy so that you can be certain that they are just fine—until you arrive and can take them back home with you again.

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