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Competitive Pets

Owning a pet is one of the oldest hobbies in the book and dates back as far as the Ancient times, although no one is quite sure when it began. However, it is safe to say that throughout history animals have played a very key role in the lives of humans. From transportation to competition and from utilising animals power to utilising their products there are many ways that humans and animals have in the past and to this day continue to interact together.

So what if you fancy getting competitive with your pet, what are the options and how do you get into this highly competitive and often equally secret world?

What’s Out There?

For some pets you are spoilt for choice. For example when it comes to purebred cats and pedigree dogs there are a wealth of shows and competitions both on a local, national and international level. These events are often well publicised from the village dog show to Crufts being shown on prime time TV. However this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a cat or a dog there is nothing out there for you.

Most animals have their own events and exhibitions throughout the year, from the Great Yorkshire Show that presents the best of British farmyard animals over three consecutive days to a doggy surfing event, I kid you not, there is something for everyone if you get looking.

Best Motto?

Be prepared to invest a lot of time, patience, effort and money in your pet before, during and after competition time. It is not uncommon for pets to be totally pampered in the run up to the event. Pampering often includes following top nutrition programmes such as those offered by Equiform Nutrition along with holistic and alternative therapies to aid any ailments. This is all in conjunction with a steady training programme and of course indulging in some friendly small scale competitions along the way.

It’s also recommended that for at least the first year or so be prepared to fail. It sounds harsh but it is unlikely for a newcomer to steal the show at a prestigious event and when it does happen it is big news. So don’t set yourself up for a fall, have realistic expectations to make sure you are keeping you and your pet both safe and happy. Remember it takes a while to build up to being the best, you can’t have it all at once.

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