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5 Ways to Dog-Proof Your Backyard Fence

Your dog loves spending time in the backyard playing, chasing squirrels, or just lounging in the grass. Dogs love being able to run around and explore outdoors, however if the space isn’t prepared properly, you could risk your dog running away or causing serious damage to a fence. While it is important for your dog to have a space to enjoy being outside, you also want your dog to be safe in the yard and you want your backyard fence to be able to hold him in. Here are 5 ways that you can dog-proof your backyard fence to deter diggers and jumpers!

  1. Deter digging or damage to the fence by utilizing landscaping to keep your furry friend at bay. Plant shrubs and bushes along the base of the fence to deter your dog from coming near it since something is in the way. Making your landscaping work practically and in a design savvy way is a win-win situation for all!
  2. Try using a fence that will not allow your dog to see through. Often chain link fences cause your dog to be disturbed by things happening on the other side of the fence causing the dog to react. Instead, by using something like bamboo or reed rolls, garden fencing or slats. These are all cheap options, plus they look better than a chain link fence, providing aesthetics and more yard privacy for your family.
  3. If your dog is a serious digger, you may have to take more extreme measures to reduce damage. One helpful option is to pour cement at the base of the fence. Pour along the perimeter of the fence, sinking the fence into the concrete before it dries. While it is a big project to take on it your yard, it will be worth the time and effort because it really does work!
  4. If your dog tends to jump or climb your fence, you could try using rollers. Rollers were designed to make it impossible for an animal to get a grip on the top of the fence between the bar spins, providing nothing to hold on to. You can buy these or do a DIY project using PVC pipes if you feel up to it!
  5. Lastly, lean-ins are useful for jumpers. These fences lean at an angle that is almost horizontal to the ground. They are made out of farm fencing. They provide security and are very sturdy.

Depending on your dog’s behaviors and the specifics of your yard, one or many of these tips may be helpful for you to keep your yard’s fence dog proof. A dog proof yard will keep your pet safe and will allow you to feel comfortable allowing him or her to spend time outside without fear of the dog running away or your yard being destroyed by poor pet behavior. These tips are practical, feasible and appropriate for any backyard space. You can install these options yourself or hire a professional to properly assess your needs and your current yard dog fence for the best results!

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