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The quality of pet health insurance has improved dramatically over the years since it was first offered in the 80’s. Getting insurance for your pet is just like getting health insurance for you, it can be confusing with many fine details to read.

Like all businesses, pet health insurance companies are in business to make money. So they are not likely to insure high risk dogs, similar to humans that are at high risk of disease.

There are many companies that offer pet health insurance, and you should ask your Veterinarian what companies he or she recommends. Call several companies and ask what their plans are and costs. It is going to be hard to compare costs directly between companies, as they all have there own plans.

The main reason to get pet health insurance to help pay for large emergency bills. Pet insurance companies know this, and part of the way they help reduce this cost is by helping to cover the cost of preventative medicines like vaccines, so your dog stays healthier.

Two last things: One, beware of pre-existing conditions, similar to human insurance. If a company is aware that your pet has had a problem before the insurance starts, your pet may not be covered. Also, be sure your Veterinarian accepts that type of pet health insurance that you are purchasing.

Chris Suckow, DVM, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Check out his website at http://www.free-online-veterinarian-advice.com.

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