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Tips For Pet Portraits

Whenever there’s a special occasion that requires the giving of gifts, only a few people usually feel the need to spend more than a few moments on thinking about a gift that would really mean a lot to the recipient. When giving gifts, we should always remember that it’s truly the thought that counts so no matter the price tag attached to the gift, if it strikes the recipient as impersonal, the gift would then be not as special as you want it to be.

Whatever the occasion, as long as the recipient is a pet lover, you might try considering giving him or her a portrait of his favorite pet as a gift.

A lot of pets who display almost human intelligence like dogs can serve a lot of purposes in a person’s life and provide not only aid in their daily routines but also friendship and protection. Pets unfortunately have a short life span, compared to that of humans, so people can enjoy only a brief relationship with their pets.

With a portrait of their pets, they’ll be able to remember them and never forget what they look like. When they feel that they miss their favorite pets, they only have to look at the portrait and feel as if their pets are always nearby.

There are artists who specialize in pet portraits. If you’re considering giving pet portraits as a gift, it’s best to spend time researching for artists who truly have expertise in doing pet portraits. Doing pet portraits after all is not as ordinary as sketching apples because you need to master a few skills, for instance, when trying to perfect the look and color of an animal’s fur.

Doing a portrait of any animal or pet would also require an infinite amount of patience and expert guidance that not all artists possess. As they’re animals, it’s impossible to expect them to follow your every order.

If you don’t want to base the pet portraits on photos, you may have to offer your pet several incentives to let him obey your wishes. Offer them treats in exchange of staying still for a certain period of time. If it’s okay with you, a sleeping pet is no doubt a better subject than one who’s awake.

However hard it may be, everything would be worth it when you see the smile on your friend’s face as you give them their much-awaited gift!

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