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How To Make Your Pet Feel Special

If you had to make a list of the most important things in your life, would you include your pet? Many of us would and it's nothing to be shy about. Millions of people take special joy in caring for their pets. Pets give us proven health and emotional benefits.

Even more, pets have their own personalities. When you really get to know a cat, dog, or other pet -- living with them day to day -- they almost seem like people. When you give your pet attention, they really seem to respond!

Many people enjoy dressing their pet in specially designed pet jewelry. These days pet collars can be adorned with crystals and rhinestones so they look like something you might purchase in an exclusive jewelry store. Purchase one for your pet and I guarantee he or she will feel special AND get noticed wherever you go.

A newly designed bracelet for dogs is expanding the possibilities for fashionable canines. Adorned in sparkling rhinestones, it makes any dog look upscale. And a special magnetic clasp keeps the bracelet from getting entangled when your dog is walking.

Attending a special event? Go all out and dress your pet in a matching designer bracelet and necklace. Not only will you be turning heads when you're dressed up, your pet will be equally attractive. You can even arrange to have your pet's jewelry match your own for a breathtaking and fun effect.

While you may not have thought of it, pets enjoy wearing attractive jewelry just as much as people do. Pets immediately know they are attracting positive attention, and they love it! That makes your pet healthier, happier, and even more fun to be around. Attention and positive feelings help develop your pet's personality and deepen your relationship with your pet.

So have fun dressing up your pet. Make them one of today's upscale animals. It's fun and great for your pet.

Sharon Sheraton is founder of Sharaton Luxuries at http://www.sheratonluxuries.com See their new lines of pet jewelry including the new luxury Angel Wing Harness. Reach Sharon at [email protected]

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